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Page Class Suffix is a parameter in Joomla! content Menu Items. It is set in the Menu Item: [Edit] screen under the "Parameters (Advanced)" section. This will cause Joomla! to either add a new CSS class or modify the existing CSS class for elements in this specific Menu Item layout.

When Joomla! generates a page, it automatically creates pre-defined CSS classes to allow styling of the page. For example, a page might have the element

<div class="componentheading">

To create a new class, enter the parameter with a leading space. For example, entering a space plus "myNewClass" will create a new CSS class called "myNewClass" and it will be inserted as a class for elements in that Menu Item. In this case the example above will be changed to

<div class="componentheading myNewClass">

To change the name of the existing class, enter in the parameter without a leading space. For example, entering "_mySuffix" (no leading space) will cause the HTML to changed to

<div class="componentheading_mySuffix">

Generally, it is recommended to use a leading space to create a new class. This way, CSS styling for this component that uses the standard class names will continue to work. You can use the new class name to add any desired styling to the component without needing to re-create all of the existing CSS code. Note that, if you create a new class name, make sure it has a unique name and doesn't conflict with any existing class names.




Study Faults Eating Habits of Kenya's Pregnant Women

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A new study released Wednesday, 7th September 2016 by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) affirms that micronutrient deficiencies remains a major public health concern among women from diverse settings in Nairobi-Kenya.

The study by researchers from the Institute’s Centre for Public Health Research on the status of Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A and D nutritional knowledge & Dietary practices among pregnant women in Nairobi, Kenya confirms fears that more needs to be done to prevent and treat not just the deficiencies, but also the dietary needs of households.


KEMRI Triumph at Mombasa International ASK Show

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His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta presents a trophy to KEMRI's Head of Corporate Mr Davis Mkoji, shortly after KEMRI won the Best Health Sector Stand at the Mombasa International ASK Show.

History was made when the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) registered its sterling performance yet at an International exhibition at the Mombasa International ASK show.

Judges at the 2016 annual showcase reaffirmed the Institute’s status as a powerhouse in medical health research when they awarded it four trophies the Best Health Sector Stand, the Best Manufacturers Stand, the Second Best Stand in Research and the third Best Overall Stand


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Research Programmes

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KEMRI has six (6) Main Programmes aligned to the KEMRI Strategic Master paln and the Vision 2030.

Upcoming Conferences

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The 10th Annual Neglected Tropical Diseases Conference, scheduled for Dec 8th-9th, 2016, Nairobi.

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Malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Kenya , 25 million Kenyans are at risk of malaria and it accounts for 30-50% of all outpatient attendance and 20% of all admissions to health facilities.

Ebola Virus

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Researchers at the Kemri-wellcome trust in Kilifi Kenya have completed the enromllment in a trial of a vaccine designed to protect against ebola.