Welcome to the Centre for Microbiology Research (CMR). CMR is one of the oldest research centres of the Kenya medical Research Institute (KEMRI). CMR has many laboratories spread in four sub-centres located in Nairobi (Mbagathi and Kenyatta National Hospital complex), Kisumu and the coastal town of Kwale. The centre has a total of 37 scientific and 13 support staff. In addition, the centre hosts the Nairobi centre for the Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine (NUITM) with a staff of 10. Our staff is well trained and continuous education is highly emphasized. Currently, 5 members of our team are pursuing PhD studies locally and abroad, 4 are training at Masters Level, while 3 are pursuing their BSc Higher National Diplomas. A further 2 are registered for Diplomas courses in various technical institutes.

Currently, a total of 11 research projects are underway and 3 have recently been completed. In the last two years, a total of 14 manuscripts have been published by members of our team in peer-review journals and 20 abstracts have been presented in various scientific meetings world-wide.

Our centre collaborates with many research institutes locally and internationally and this helps to expand our research capabilities. CMR houses the regional laboratory of Antimicrobial Resistance testing and Surveillance (the enteric pathogens research unit) and hosts the local chapter of Association for Prudent use of Antimicrobials (APUA). We also have a Mycology lab that carries research on fungal and opportunistic infections. Our research unit at the KEMRI headquarters is involved in travel medicine through research of travelers' diarrhea. We are also mandated to conduct research on helminthic infections and we have conducted studies on lymphatic filariasis in coastal region of Kenya. CMR is also a member of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis.

The NUITM project is supported by Education, culture, sports, science and technology, Japan and has conducted a field survey on malaria and mosquitoes in Suba district. Our unit also hosts the Microbiology unit of the Institute of Tropical Infectious Disease (INTROMID). Through INTROMID, a training initiative known as Infectious Disease Research Training Program (IDRTP) was launched. This program is a joined initiative between the University of San Francisco (UCSF) and Washington, USA and the CMR's The Research Care and Training Program (RCTP) headed by Dr. E.A. Bukusi.

CMR also carries out medical examination of employees in the hospitality industry (HISP) from hotels, schools, Manufacturing industries at the centre headquarter and in Kwale.

With this brief introduction, welcome to our website. This website is still under construction and will be upgraded regularly to reflect the goals and aspirations of KEMRI in the search of Good Health for Kenyans.