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To undertake basic and biotechnology-related research on human diseases in Kenya, with the overall goal to contribute in the improvement of human health and welfare.

Current research in the Centre focuses on HIV/AIDS, malaria, schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis, and lymphatic filariasis. Research expertise includes molecular parasitology, molecular entomology, cellular immunology, biotechnology, biochemistry, and malacology.

Broadly speaking, research in CBRD aims to develop and improve diagnostic assays, to understand immune responses and disease processes, to characterize pathogens and their responses to chemotherapeutic interventions, to understand vector biology and ecology, develop strategies for pathogen and vector control, and to exploit biodiversity for the discovery of new drugs against diseases.

Research Activities

    1. Leshmainia Section
    2. Schistosomiasis Section
    3. Malaria section
    4. Animal House
    5. Molecular Entomology & Ecology Section
    6. HID Lab
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