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  1. Traditional Medicine
    • Rationalization of traditional medicines in collaboration with traditional healers; evaluation of plant drugs using medicinal Phytochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology and, formulation of herbal remedies.
    • Studies on agents for the control and management of Infectious, Parasitic and Non-Communicable Diseases in addition, Socio-cultural and anthropological aspects of traditional medicine.
  2. Drugs
    • Quality assurance through; Surveillance, experimental pharmacology and toxicology; biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics; clinical trials.
  3. To collaborate with other KEMRI centers, local, regional and international institutes and organizations to be able to carry out all the above mandates.

Core Values

  1. Sanctity of life: We value life and endeavor to preserve and improve it.
  2. Creativity and innovation: We are committed to promoting and supporting creativity and innovation through research.
  3. Equity and quality: We employ the highest professional conduct possible to achieve high standards of service delivery.
  4. Acceptable corporate Governance: We employ the best practices and principles of good governance.
  5. Team work: At CTMDR we are a team and we operate as such.

  1. The Pyrethrum Project (SSC No. 2969) - There are 11 nested proposals under the Pyrethrum project with full approval from SERU.
  2. The Miraa Project (SSC No. 2949).
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