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The following are the performance areas of ESACIPAC aligned to the Centre’s revised research and development agenda;

  1. Participation in prevention and control of parasitic diseases through,
    • Evaluation of tools and strategies for parasite control
    • Public health and social science research
  2. Strengthening regional capacity for school health and nutrition through,
    • Workshops/ Training courses
    • Technical meetings
    • Technical assistance in the implementation of public health programmes
  3. Strengthening partnerships for research, training and capacity building in parasite control through,
    • Supporting development of guidelines and strategic plans
    • Establishment of a reference regional NTD laboratory
    • Training students from local universities
  4. Sharing best practices for prevention and control of parasitic diseases through operation research in malaria and NTDs including schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminths and lymphatic filariasis
Core Values
  1. Sanctity of life: We uphold and respect sanctity of life
  2. Creativity and Innovation: We are committed to promoting and supporting creativity and innovation
  3. Professionalism: We are committed to excellence and the highest standards of professionalism
  4. Good Corporate Governance: We believe in the principles of good corporate governance and best practices
  5. Customer focus: We value our customers, and we endeavour to be customer focused
  6. Teamwork: We believe there is strength in teamwork and therefore, we encourage team spirit in what we do.

  1. Specialized technical services to research projects and public health programmes
  2. Training facilities and services
  3. Technical support to Ministry of Health
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Director Esacipac

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Prof. Sammy Njenga