1. To provide leadership in developing policies, guidelines, SOPs, training modules and databases to streamline operations in research and grants management with special consideration to KEMRI Internal Research Grants (IRG).
  2. To host the KEMRI IRG Secretariat, and coordinate the annual calendar of events for the Review and Award process.
  3. To build the capacity of researchers and research administrators in pre and post grants award management through training, skills development, mentoring, and partnership initiatives.
  4. To create awareness for timely response and submission of grant applications in compliance with Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs).
  5. To liaise with the Finance Department, ICT, Centres/Departments and scientific Programmes, in addressing best practices in financial management and reporting for sponsored projects.
  6. To contribute to the development and implementation of the Institutes broader resource mobilization strategies.
  7. To create effective communication channels with researchers and research administrators within and outside the institute.
  8. To create effective synergies with funding agencies, donors, as well as key partners in the public and private sector.
  9. To establish and maintain quality management systems as per the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and offer leadership in meeting the Performance Targets as mandated by the Institute.
  10. To develop mechanisms for sustainability of Grantsmanship Department, as a key player in the research and grants management portfolios in the institute.