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Overall Mandate:

Coordination of all activities relating to the development, intellectual property protection, marketing and commercialization of the Institute’s research products and services.

Specific Mandates:

  1. To develop and implement appropriate marketing strategies and plans towards generation and retention of customers for the Institute’s products and services.
  2. Develop effective intellectual property, technology transfer and commercialization strategies for the Institute’s research products and services.
  3. To identify and develop additional facilities for the development of products and services towards increasing customer offerings with the aim of increasing revenue generation at the Institute.
  4. To design appropriate customer-oriented programs that enhance retention of customers hooked on KEMRI’s products and services.
Quality Objectives:
  1. Increasing access through the development and execution of appropriate marketing strategies of safe, effective, high quality and affordable diagnostic, pharmaceutical and analytical products and services for use in the healthcare system.
  2. Enhancing mutually beneficial relationships with the various Institute customers to ensure the development and delivery of high quality products and services for public benefit.
  3. Maintaining and continually improving the competence of staff through appropriate training and provision of enabling work environment that motivates, energizes and recognizes the contributions of individuals and teams.
  4. Complying with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) requirements and continuously improving the Institute’s products and services.
  5. Ensuring the delivery of products and services that conform or exceed our customers ‘requirements and expectations within a maximum duration of 24 hours once an order is placed.
  6. Emphasizing on customer satisfaction, meeting the requirements of both internal and external customers and establishing quality objectives to guide all operations in the department.

Core Values

Customer Focus, Teamwork, Integrity and Timeliness.

1. Sequencing 18. KIDNEY FUNCTION TEST
2. Fragment analysis (Parenity/Maternity) 19. LIVER FUNCTION TEST
3. Spectrophotometry UV/VIS 20. CBC W. Reticulocyte 1-10 samp
4. Lyophilization of biological materials 21. CBC W. Reticulocyte 11-20 samp
5. HBV Quantitative Real Time PCR 22. CBC W. Reticulo. more Than 02S
6. HBV Genotype B&C Real Time PCR 23. CBC W/O. Reticulo.1-10 SAMPLE
7. HCV Real Time RT-PCR 24. CBC W/O. Reticulo.11-20 SAMPLE
9. Human Parvovirus(B19 )Real Time PCR 26. CREATININE IN SERUM(COLORIMETR
10. Dengue Fever Virus General-type Real Time RT-PCR 27. SGPT/ALL IN SERUM(COLORIMETRIC
11. Dengue Fever Virus ⅠReal Time RT-PCR 28. Dengue Fever Virus≤30S
12. Dengue Fever Virus II Real Time RT-PCR 29. Rift Valley Fever Virus ≤30S
13. Dengue Fever Virus III Real Time RT-PCR 30. Chikungunya Virus ELISA≤30S
14. Dengue Fever Virus IV Real Time RT-PCR 31. Yellow Fever Virus ELISA≤30S
15. Chikungunya Virus Real Time RT-PCR 32. Genomic DNA/RNA isolation
16. West Nile virus Real Time RT-PCR 33. HPV(Hepatitis)
17. Rift Valley Fever Virus (RVFV) PCR
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