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The Centre for Global Health Research(CGHR is one of the ten (10) Research Centres of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). The Centre is strategically located in Kisumu City, western Kenya, in an area that is endemic for major infectious diseases. Since its establishment in 1984, CGHR has been on the world map as the site of ground-breaking research focusing on infectious diseases of medical importance. Specifically, the Centre has carried out cutting-edge research focusing on trials on the efficacy of drugs, emergence of drug and vector resistance, epidemiology, immunology, molecular biology, vector biology, climate and human health, characterization of malaria vaccine candidate antigens, malaria vaccine trials, malaria in pregnancy and interaction of malaria and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), schistosomiasis, intestinal helminthes, HIV/AIDS and its impact on the community, HIV interaction with other infectious diseases, tuberculosis and reproductive health

Currently, there are more than 15 ongoing research studies, surveillance and health systems research and support programmes in the Centre. A demographic surveillance system and health survey (DSS) has been set up in one of the study areas and has been collecting vital health data for the last 6 years. The Centre has a very impressive track record in completion of studies and programs as attested by the number of publications by scientists affiliated to the Centre.


The administrative blocks houses the Centre Director office, offices for senior scientists, collaborating scientists and visiting scientists, senior administrators, a data section, a computer room, a library, storage facilities and four modern seminar rooms for training, meetings and holding seminars. The seminar rooms are equipped with modern audio-visual (AV) equipment including LCDs, permanent and portable screens, TVs and VCRs. Two of the seminar rooms are also equipped with video-conference facilities.

The laboratory facilities consist of separate well-equipped rooms for basic laboratory diagnostics, immunology and molecular biology laboratories, parasite cultures and drug sensitivity testing, a clinical hematology and biochemistry laboratory, an insectary and insecticide-testing huts.

The current Laboratory equipment in the Centre include; modern compound, inverted and fluorescent microscopes, differential Coulter Counters, multiparameter biochemistry machines, Hb electrophoresis equipment, refrigerated bench-top centrifuges, multifunctional ELISA readers and automated washers, twin CO2 conventional incubators, liquid scintillation counters, level II biosafety cabinets, FACS count, four and five-color FACSCaliburs and FACScan, PCR enclosures and high capacity PCR machines, Real-Time PCR machines, a 377 and 3100 ABI Gene Sequencers, UVP gel imaging systems, nanopure water purification systems. There are numerous minus 70 ultra freezers and several bulk liquid nitrogen tanks for sample storage.

The center has recently installed a liquid nitrogen generator with capacity to produce 500 liters of liquid nitrogen per day. In addition to the above facilities, there are several facilities for conducting hospital-based clinical studies. The biggest of these is a stand-alone Clinical Research Centre located at the New Nyanza Provincial Hospital in Kisumu City. It consists of a paediatric ward, clinical laboratory, offices and HIV counseling facilities.

Plans are at an advanced stage to convert part of this facility into a vaccine trial site.This will be an addition to an already existing modern and state-of-the-art and well equipped vaccine and drugs trial site with capacity to conduct GCP/GLP compliant trials at Kombewa, situated about 30 kilometers from Kisumu City.

Other sites for conducting hospital based studies are located at Siaya District Hospital and Bondo District Hospital