Kirinyaga Centre has been established with the mission and goal of preventing, protecting and managing the spread of communicable and infectious diseases and other health threats, whether they originate overseas or within.


To strengthen surveillance, prevention, and control of zoonoses in both humans and animals

ii. To conduct applied research at the human-animal-ecosystem interface

iii. Surveillance of communicable diseases,

iv. Coordinate Kirinyaga’s response to epidemics, pandemics and other threats;

v. Promote and track vaccination levels within the community; and

vi. Coordinated management of existing and emerging disease threats affecting the region. Such disease threats may involve diseases.

vii. To apply modern science and biotechnology to discover, develop, and improve tools and strategies for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of human diseases.

viii. To provide specialized laboratory services, expertise and resources to the scientific community and the public for patient care, research and training.

Kirinyaga Field Station

To properly ensure proper coordination of Research, one (1) field station, at Kirinyaga will be established to coordinate field work for sample collections and will be the main reference point for community engagement and community entry, sample sorting and analysis and liaison with the County Department.

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