Dr. Festus M. Tolo

Head NAPREDA Programme

Dr. Festus M. Tolo is a Phyto-Medical biologist holding a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Medicinal Phytochemistry of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). He is a fellow at the African Scientific Institute (ASI) and an a awardee of the “The Nelon Gold Award (NGA)” of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and the Inter-Academy Medical Panel (IAMP) “Distinguished Scientist Award in Natural Products Research” of the Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), China.

Dr. Tolo is a Chief Research Officer and the Head of the Natural Products Research and Drug Development Programme (NAPREDA) at KEMRI. His engagements in natural products research spans over two decades where he has been involved in various research projects, notably, the JICA sponsored Infectious Diseases Research Programme of KEMRI where he played a key role in the “Plant Drug Research Group for Antiviral Agents” leading to the innovation of an anti-herpes herbal product, Zedupex.

He has been a project manager of a WHO/TDR funded project on the “Investigation of Safety, Efficacy and Chemistry of Herbal Medicines used Traditionally for Treatment of Malaria” and a lead scientist in the National Council for Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) funded project on the “Natural Products Innovation System: Establishing a National Nutraceuticals and Phytomedicines Development Pipeline”.

He is presently engaged in a project evaluating Pyrethrum for new biomedical uses in human health funded by the Government of Kenya. Dr. Tolo has published widely in the area of natural products research and presented over 35 research abstracts at various local and international scientific forums.

He is a part time lecturer in Medical Microbiology at JKUAT Karen campus and faculty at the KEMRI Graduate School. He has successful supervised a number of post graduate students both at PhD and MSc. He is an appointed peer reviewer of Quality Standards (QS) by the Commission for University Education (CUE), Kenya.


Dr. Elizabeth V. Mumbi Kigondu

Research Scientist
Academic qualifications
  1. PhD. Chemistry
  2. MSc. Medicinal Chemistry
  3. BSc. Chemistry
Research interests
  1. Natural products and chemical synthesis drug discovery research
  2. Drug and chemical analysis
  3. Nutrition from natural products
Selected Publications
  1. Elvis K. Muthoni, Elizabeth M. Kigondu, Daniel Kiboi, Ibrahim N. Mwangi. Efficacy and Safety of Up-scaled Dosage of 60mg/kg Praziquantel in Control of Schistosoma mansoni in School Going Children in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. International Journal of Tropical Disease & Health. Vol 33(4), pp 1-12, December 2018.
  2. Elizabeth V. M. Kigondu, Moses K. Kamita, Elizabeth W. Njenga, James Wanga, Gabriel Amalemba, Esther N. Matu. In vivo Antifertility and Safety Profiles of Kenyan Moringa oleifera Lam. (Moringaceae) extracts. African Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Vol. 5(4), pp 212-220, December 2016.
  3. Ruth M. Nyangacha, Peter M. Mathiu, Moses Mwangi, Elizabeth V. M. Kigondu Antinociceptive effect of Pentas lanceolata and Ximenia americana medicinal plants used to treat malaria traditionally in Kenya. African Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Vol. 5(2), pp 87-92, July 2016.
  4. Ken-Ichi Umehara, Markus Zollinger, Elizabeth Kigondu, Marc Witschi, Claire Juif, Felix Huth, Hilmar Schiller, Kelly Chibale, Gian Camenisch. Esterase phenotyping in human liver in vitro:specificity of carboxylesterase inhibitors. Xenobiotica. Early Online: 1–6, February 2016.
    5. Charles K. Rotich, Ruth M. Nyangacha, Sabina W. Wachira, Moses M. Ngeiywa, Elizabeth V. M. Kigondu. Antimalarial activities and toxicity levels of selected medicinal plants used in Kenya. African Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Vol. 4(3), pp 92-100, August 2015.