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The Centre for Biotechnology Research and Development (CBRD) is one of the research centers of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). The Centre is located within the KEMRI Headquarters complex in Nairobi, off Mbagathi Road.


CBRD is mandated to undertake basic and biotechnology-related research on human diseases in Kenya, with the overall goal to contribute in the improvement of human health and welfare. The Centre's primary mission is:

1) To apply modern science and biotechnology to discover, develop and improve tools and strategies for diagnosis, prevention and control of major human diseases in Kenya and the region; and

2) To improve our basic understanding of the biology of disease causing agents of public health importance in Kenya and the region, including their responses to intervention (e.g. drugs or vaccines), host responses and disease processes (e.g. immunity, pathogenesis, patho-physiology, host-pathogen interactions), and disease epidemiology.

In addition, the Centre co-ordinates and advises on issues related to basic biomedical and biotechnological research, pre-clinical studies, quality control and bio-safety. From time to time, the Centre also, provides specialized laboratory services and expertise to the scientific community and the general public. It also mentors, trains and supervises both undergraduate and post-graduate students from local colleges and universities.