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To be a globally recognized Centre of excellence in human health research.


To improve human health and quality of life through research, capacity building and service delivery.


1. To conduct clinical trials from phase I-IV

2. To conduct studies on epidemiology, diagnosis , treatment, prevention and control in:

  • Communicable diseases (such as; malaria, HIV, STI,TB, hepatitis, diarrheal diseases)
  • Neglected tropical diseases (such as; Leishmaniasis, Schistosomiasis, and other parasitic diseases),
  • Non communicable diseases (such as hematological disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, renal diseases, genetic disorders, trauma and injuries)
  • Reproductive health (such as maternal and neonatal care, fertility, population management, congenital malformation and reproductive tract infections)
  • Oncology (such as; breast, cervix, prostate, head and neck tumors, esophageal, hematological malignancies, establishing cancer registry)
  • Mental health (such as substance abuse, psychotic and mood disorders, violence, epilepsy)
  • Oral health (such dental caries, periodontal diseases, head and neck cancers and association of oral health with systemic conditions)
  • Child health (access to quality health services, nutrition, HIV interventions, diarrheal diseases)
  • Antimicrobial resistance

3. To develop, evaluate, and provide diagnostic services in:

  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Endoscopy
  • To conduct stem cell research

5. To build and improve capacity in:

  • Relevant human resource
  • Research infrastructure
  • Support services (nursing and housekeeping, catering, records, ICT, procurement, accounts)


  1. To conduct quality research for evidence based policy decisions.
  2. To strengthen human resource capacity and research infrastructure.
  3. To provide quality services.
  4. To conduct health systems research that informs quality service delivery.