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  1. Acute haemorrhagic fevers: epidemiology, surveillance and control.
  2. Rabies: diagnosis, management and vaccine evaluation.
  3. ARI: epidemiology, diagnosis, aetiology, management and control.
  4. Viral diarrhoea: studies on aetiology, epidemiology, management and control; vaccine trials and molecular characterisation.
  5. Viral hepatitis: epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis and control.
  6. KEPI: vaccine potency evaluation; polio eradication.
  7. HIV and AIDS: Epidemiology, Phenotypic and Genotypic characterization, Prevention and Control, Drug resistance surveillance, QA/QC in HIV programs, Window period and transfusion safety studies, HIV Diagnostic services: Viral Load, EID, PCR, Operational Research in HIV/AIDS and Training.

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