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Welcome to the KEMRI Graduate School of Health Sciences (KGSHS). The Graduate school, situated within the KEMRI Complex was approved by the KEMRI Board of Management in 1992.The School was founded with the guiding philosophy of commitment to high academic and professional standards, stressing the virtues of hard work and selfless service. It takes full cognizance of the dire need for a human resource base equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to provide solutions to the rapidly growing challenges in Kenya's health care delivery system.

The Graduate school is committed to high academic and professional standards. It stresses the virtues of hardwork, team spririt and a culture of service. The courses offered are research oriented and geared towards solving national, regional and global health problems. By combining the academic, research, and training capacity available at KEMRI the Graduate School provides a very fertile academic and research environment for young scientists in particular, to carry out research on the current pressing health issues in the world today.