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Date: Friday 3rd August 2018

Time: 11.00- 12 noon.

Venue: KEMRI Training Centre Lecture Room 3

Speaker: PROF. SATOSHI KANEKO, Representative: KEMRI-Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine (NUITM)

Prof. Satoshi Kaneko (MD, MPH, PhD) is a professor of global health at Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine (NUITM), Nagasaki, Japan and currently head of KEMRI-NUITM collaboration. He is a MD graduate of Japan National Defense Medical College, Saitama and obtained his Master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard, Massachuseets in 1997.

His PhD was from University of Occupational and Enviromental Health in Kita-kyushu Japan.

His professional experience ranges from being a JICA expert for Chagas Disease in Guatemala, Head of Cancer Surveillance at Japan National Cancer Centre, and Professor at Nagasaki University Graduate School of International Health.

His initiatives include the development of microsphere-based simultaneous multiple assays and surveillance systems for multiple infectious diseases in Africa and. finding malaria vaccine candidate antigens using microsphere-based simultaneous multiple assays.





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US Congressman, Epstein visits KEMRI.

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Director KEMRI, Dr. Yeri Kombe presents a gift to Dr. Jonathan Epstein, Professional Staff Member of the US Senate Armed Services Committee during his visit at KEMRI Headquarters on Friday, 3rd, August, 2018.

CS Health Commissions a Sample Management and Receiving Facility at KEMRI

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Cabinet Secretary, Health, Hon. Sicily Kariuki and Dr. Robert Pope Director, Cooperative Threat Reduction, US Department of Threat Reduction jointly commissioning the KEMRI Biobank under the KEMRI/DTRA Project. On the left is Director, KEMRI Dr. Yeri Kombe, KEMRI Board of Management, Dr. Nafthali Agata (middle) and Isiolo County Governor, Mohammed Kuti (right).


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KEMRI has six (6) Main Programmes aligned to the KEMRI Strategic Master plan and the Vision 2030.

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The 12th Annual NTD Conference Conference, scheduled for Dec 5th-7th, 2018, Nairobi, Kenya.

Fight Against HIV

Prof. Matilu Mwau, Director CIPDCR KEMRI discussing on the fight against HIV on KTN.

DNA Testing Lab

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KEMRI Human DNA Identification Laboratory offers DNA testing services in the area of family relationship testing and Forensic DNA Testing. Read More