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Research activities on Tuberculosis were carried out in East Africa during the early fifties, involving the three East African countries viz: Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika (Tanzania) all under British rule.

The formation of East African Tuberculosis Investigation Centre was witnessed in the early 1960s under the auspices of East African Community. The present CRDR was built in the early seventies with its extension put up in 1980. Throughout this period the Centre has distinguished itself in contributing a lot of information regarding diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis.

In the course of implementing its mandates to carry out research on Lung Health and other respiratory diseases, the Centre has also shed light on challenges such as Asthma, smoking problems and industrial Health. Lately, the strong association of TB and HIV, prompts the Centre to embark on work that would support both categories of patients.


A Kenyan population that is free of lung Diseases


To conduct respiratory disease research and generate research findings to be applied towards the improvement of lung health in Kenya and the world over.