KEMRI's research data from various counties in Kenya

  • The primary aim of coordinating office of Devolution Secretariat at established by Director, KEMRI in the year 2014 was to create a link between research producers and research consumers (mainly the 46 county governments and the national government).
  • Why development of this Devo_RE Platform? This platform serves to create public awareness as well as communicate available evidence regarding previous KEMRI research undertaking in various counties.
  • Methodology applied:
    1. Intensive policy engagement (participatory in nature) with listed key county health personnel namely CECs of health, their deputies and counties directors of health services.
    2. Narrative synthesis (Summary of Findings (SoF) tables generated using RevManTM) as well as GRADE methodology to generate summarize evidence on health topics.
  • Period of undertaking: Between May 2014 to February 2015.
  • Operations: Follow-up meetings took place to further validate the research concerns / questions.
  • Evaluation of responses: This was done by ranking responses through consensus building.

Devolved Research