Director KEMRI Dr. Yeri Kombe, and President of Oita University Prof. Segio Kitano, signs Memorandum of Understanding between the two institution

In the agreement KEMRI & Oita staff and students will work together on research in Cancer starting with Stomach Cancer in Kenya.

The project to be funded by Japan Society for the promotion of Science (JSPS) and KEMRI will explore the contribution of helicobacter pylori - a stomach bacteria in causing stomach cancer.

Published data show that Kenya and mali have the highest prevalence of stomach cancer in Africa.

Apart from H. Pylori, the KEMRI-Oita team will explore contribution of the other factors for example diet, other stomach microbes (microbiota) and host genetics.

They will also study country pattern of anti microbial resistance to antibiotics used for the treatment of H. Pylori.

Dr. Kombe thanked Oita University for considering to partner with KEMRI.

He indicated that cancer was now a major problem in Kenya and KEMRI has focused as a current top priority for research.

Prof. Kitano said Oita University was happy to partner with KEMRI and continue the long tradition of collaboration between KEMRI and Japan universities.