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Corporate Affairs is seen as an expanded form of Public Relations that encompasses all communication processes and strategies to influence support, goodwill, confidence and trust of an organization’s publics.

The broader purpose of the department is to provide the platform for, and project the credibility of the Institute to the general public

  • Determine Institutes’ public perception by undertaking a content analysis of the newspapers cuttings every quarterly in each financial year.
  • To maintain an updated website weekly and quarterly publish News bulletin to ensure positive visibility of the Institute in each financial year.
  • To conduct a customer satisfaction survey and analyze Customer feedback forms as our quality index and strive to keep it at values above 75 percent all factors held constant.
  • To participate in at least two corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities per year in order to enhance good community relations and positive visibility of the Institute.
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Dr. Elizabeth Luvais is a student from EID project, KEMRI. Now she is at 2nd year of Ph.D. Course of the Graduate school, Nagasaki University and working on tick-vorne virus diseases in Japan in our department in NEKKEN.

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