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The Scientific and Ethics Review Unit (SERU) is central to research in KEMRI. The Unit’s purpose is to facilitate research with human participants and to protect their rights and welfare. It was inaugurated in April 2014 after the culmination of a restructuring journey that begun in 2010. SERU reviews research submissions from KEMRI and non -KEMRI researchers interested in conducting research in Kenya.

KEMRI has grown to become one of the leading health research institutes in Africa with demonstrated success in conducting collaborative biomedical research and producing exceptional scientists.

To accomplish this, an effective scientific and ethics review mechanism is necessary to support the diverse range of health research conducted at the Institute. KEMRI has a 2-tier research review system which entails initial scientific peer review by the Centre Scientific Committees (for KEMRI protocols) or scientific review by the host institution (for Non-KEMRI protocols) followed by a simultaneous scientific and ethics review by one of the four committees at the Scientific and Ethics Review Unit

Through SERU, KEMRI is well-placed to provide a robust research review mechanism responsive to the changing and expanding public health landscape in the region. click to view the review process

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