• We offer DNA testing services for both legal and personal knowledge. Legal DNA Test. A legal DNA test is required as evidence in a court. We follow a strict chain of custody documentation process to ensure that the results are legally defensible. To ensure integrity of results;
  • The sample is collected by an impartial third party in the laboratory
  • The individuals tested are positively identified by providing a government issued ID
  • Samples are carefully tracked and matched to each test participant throughout the entire DNA testing process.

When coming for sample collection you will be expected to complete a client identification and consent form (for minors the consent is signed by the legal guardian)

Personal Knowledge DNA Test; If a DNA test is not required for legal reasons and is for personal knowledge, the process is less stringent. You can opt for self-collection or you can come to our laboratory and have the sample collected for you. Get in touch with us for further

Research; We carry out research in the area of DNA forensics. We are actively involved in both local and international research collaborations

Training: We offer research facility for postgraduate students as well as structured training modules in the area of Human DNA testing.