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  1. Advocate for the conduct of IPDRP quality and innovative research that informs policy.
  2. Strengthening Human resource capacity & research infrastructure related with IPDRP.
  3. Management and coordination of IPDRP related researches & activities.
  4. Enhance dissemination and translation of IPDRP research findings.
  5. Align IPDRP research by government funding and programming.
  6. Enhancing a good Reporting & funding mechanism in matters IPDRP in KEMRI.
Themes of IPDRP
  1. Identify National IPDRP research priorities
  2. Coordinate IPDRP collaborative research
  3. Increase networking and partnership within IPDRP
  4. Establish and strengthen national and international networks and collaboration within IPDRP.
  5. Promote capacity building within IPDRP.

Core Values

  1. Purity
  2. Innovativeness
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Team work
  5. Uprightness and Integrity
  6. Respect and Fairness
  7. Excellence

Research is ongoing in several flagship projects e.g. Establishing Cost Effective Laboratory Methods to Monitor HIV ART adherence (CVR), deworming program for school-age children in counties (ESACIPAC), MDR TB studies (CRDR), antimicrobial resistances (CMR) & malaria prevention programs (Kilifi-welcome trust).

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